Returning goods

This procedure applies to both Warranty and Out-Of-Warranty situations.

Whether you want to return goods to JTM with regards to a warranty claim, service / repair work to be carried or return goods for any other reason, please follow this procedure.



All goods that are returned to JTM must be accompanied by an RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) form. This form must be issued by JTM. If goods are returned to JTM without an RMA, the goods will be sent back at the customer’s expense.

The customer may request an RMA by phone, fax or email.



Goods must be shipped freight prepaid.

Apart from other costs which may apply, a standard fee of €50 per case will be charged for handling, diagnosis and administration.


Documents to include

All returned goods must have an RMA.

Goods sent back under warranty must also have a copy of the original purchase receipt enclosed.



Goods returned to JTM are the responsibility of the sender. JTM is not responsible for damage or loss incurred in transit.