JTM Power Hybrid Energy & Off Grid Power systems

 JTM Power offer the most flexible and configurable hybrid power generation systems on the market today.



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What is a hybrid power system ?

CODE: Energy unit

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Image showing Home ELECTRICTY storage unit 10 kW 230 volt ac output combining 10kwh energy storage.

Dimensions WHD 800x1200x500


Key features of our systems include :


  • Advanced battery technology. JTM Power are the only manufacturer to offer Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries as part of our systems. These batteries have many advantages over conventional flooded lead acid cells including the elimination of harmful sulphuric acid  , superior cycling and storage life.
  • AC / DC outputs. We offer a range of voltages in both AC (single and three phase) and DC to suit all potential requirements.
  • Wind turbine , Solar Photovoltaic or Hyrdo power can be added 
  • Grid power assist system. = Boosting the grid power supply when needed and removes harmful spikes and transients from the output.
  • Power assist explained = This feaure monitors power consumption and supplies additional power when required
  • Remote control and monitoring of all systems including routine status of the genset and data logging for statistical analysis. 
  • Completely self contained system. Our hybrid generator systems are fully self contained in an ISO certified container built to the highest standards. Sound antenuated Weather proof ,Rodent proof enclosure with lifting points 
  • Ease of installation. Preconfigured system can be dropped into a location and up and running in less than an hour
  • Multi-fuel generator sets capable of using local fuel sources such as biofuel or natural gas ect. Reducing the need for the expensive transportation and on site storage of  fuel.