Battery Protect PB-60 I

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CODE: BPR000060100

Price: 113.00

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Disconnect your loads before the battery is flat!

Disconnect your loads before the battery won’t start the engine any more!

The Victron Energy BatteryProtect disconnects the battery from non essential loads before it is completely
discharged (which would damage the battery) or before it has insufficient power left to crank the engine. 12/24V auto ranging

The BatteryProtect automatically detects system voltage Fully programmable with simple ‘count down’ program
The BatteryProtect can be set to engage / disengage at several different voltages with a simple ‘count down’
program, please see manual for details.

Over voltage protection
To prevent damage to your sensitive loads due to over voltage, the load is disconnected whenever the DC voltage exceeds 16 V respectively 32 V.

Ignition proof
No relays but MOSFET switches, and therefore no sparks. Delayed alarm output
The alarm output is activated if the battery voltage drops below the preset disconnect level during more than 15 seconds. Starting the engine will therefore not activate the alarm.

The alarm output is an open collector output to the negative (minus) rail, max. current 500 mA. The alarm is typically used to activate a buzzer and
/ or lamp. Delayed load disconnect  Only 1 minute after the alarm has been activated will the load be disconnected.

If battery voltage increases to the connect threshold within this minute (after the engine has been started for example) the load will not be


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