Solar Photovoltaic Panels

JTMPower stock a range of solar panels.  These solar photovoltaic panels all use cells that can exceed 16% efficiency. 

The flexible shape, size and cable looms typical of these panels allow them to integrate easily, whether your requirement is for a single module to charge a battery, power stand alone equipment & lighting or as a component of a large power generation system.

solar panels Solar Photovoltaic  Panelssolar panels for sale

The solar panel modules may be connected in series in most cases to a maximum system voltage of 1000V and are equipped as standard with blocking diodes that will prevent hot and cold spots from effecting the efficiency of your solar array.

The solar photovoltaic panels are manufactured in an easy to use aluminium frame for ease of installation. Browse through our range of solar panel products below. Purchasing a solar panel could not be any easier - click on the 'add to cart' button and pass through our simple and secure checkout process.

Solar Panel prices displayed do not include Vat

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