Orion dc to dc 24 / 12 volt -20 Amp

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CODE: ORI241220000

Price: 72.00

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Output voltage stability 2 % (Orion 12/24-7 and Orion 12/24-10: + 0% / - 5%)
Output voltage tolerance 3 %
Output noise < 50 mV rms
Off load current < 25 mA (isolated converters)
Efficiency Non isolated: appr. 92% Isolated: appr. 85%
Isolation > 400 Vrms between input, output and case
(isolated products only)
Operating temperature - 20 to + 30°C (0 to 90°F). Derate linearly to 0 A at 70°C (160°F)
Humidity Max 95% non condensing
Casework Anodised aluminum
Connections 6.3 mm (2.5 inch) push-on flat blade connectors
Protection: Overcurrent
Reverse polarity conn.
Short circuit proof
Reduction of output voltage
Fuse and reverse connected diode across input
Varistor (also protects against load dump)
Standards: Emission
Automotive Directive
EN 50081-1
EN 50082-1


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